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Zambian Kwacha to INR Rate Today

1 ZMW = 3.1168 INR
Last Updated: 1 second ago

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Zambian Kwacha

Zambian Kwacha is the official currency of the Republic of Zambia. The currency is represented by the symbol Zk and by the ISO code ZMW. The currency is subdivided into 100 ngwee. The Kwacha is issued and circulated by the Bank of Zambia. The banknotes issued are 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Kwacha and coins issued are 5, 10, 50 ngwee and 1 kwacha. The Zambian Kwacha has an exchange rate of 5-7 Indian Rupee per Kwacha. Check the live rates of Zambian Kwacha against the Indian Rupee here.

Zambia earlier known as Northern Rhodesia is an African country. The nation was earlier a British colony. Zambia is one of the largest exporters of copper in Africa. Copper mining is one of the largest sources of income in Zambia. Agriculture also plays a key role in the Zambian economy. The agricultural sector employs more people in Zambia than those in the mining industry. Zambia is generally a nation with a poor economic status. Zambia is pretty much underdeveloped with a majority of its people living in adverse conditions. Tourism in Zambia is mainly focused around the world famous Victoria Falls, discovered by English explorer David Livingstone. Victoria falls is one of the world’s largest waterfalls. It is the most visited destination in Zambia that is visited in Zambia. The nation experiences a lot of tourist inflow because of this landmark. The United States Dollar is worth about 9-11 Zambian Kwacha.

The currency of Zambia is not a popular one. So the exchange of the currency anywhere outside Zambia can be quite difficult especially in India where the currency is not even transacted notably. For someone visiting Zambia from India, it is best to convert Indian Rupee to a more popular currency such as the USD since neither the Indian Rupee is accepted in Zambia. The USD can be used as itself or can be converted to the Zambian Kwacha since you can obtain better exchange rates there.

Currency Overview

Currency Zambian Kwacha
Symbol ZK
Nick Name None
Sub Units Ngwee( 1 ZK= 100 Ngwee)
Notes 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Kwacha
Coins 5, 10, 50 ngwee and 1 kwacha
Valid in Zambia, Zimbabwe
Zambian Kwacha Note

Convert INR to ZMW

The Indian Rupee cannot be converted to Zambian Kwacha, at least not directly. The common method used to convert INR to ZMW is to convert INR to USD and then convert USD to ZMW in Zambia. Since USD is popular and accepted everywhere this is the best option. You can convert INR to USD easily with ExTravelMoney.com. Find the right vendor in your region along with their exchange rates and place the order with us. Make the payments online and you can even request the vendor to deliver the forex to your home and collect the KYC documents.

Convert ZMW to INR

If you have Zambian Kwacha with you on your return from Zambia, you will find it very difficult to exchange the currency in India. The currency is not accepted by Indian banks or exchange houses. The best way for you is to either spend the money there or convert the currency to USD and then exchange USD for Indian Rupee in India. In India, exchange USD to INR through ExTravelMoney.com. Find the best exchange rate in your region and place your order with us. You can even obtain doorstep services in collecting the forex and KYC documents from the vendor you have chosen.

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