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Ukrainian Hryvnia to INR Rate Today

1 UAH = 2.0621 INR
Last Updated: 1 second ago

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Ukrainian Hryvnia

Hryvnia is the official currency of Ukraine. Hryvnia is represented by the symbol ₴ and by the ISO code UAH. The currency is subdivided into 100 Kopiyky and is issued by the National Bank of Ukraine. The banknotes from ₴1 to ₴500 and the coins of 1 to 50 Kopiyok and ₴1 to ₴10 are issued by the Ukrainian National Bank. The Ukrainian Hryvnia has an exchange rate of 2.4-2.6 Indian Rupees. Check the live rates of the Ukrainian Hryvnia against the Indian Rupee here.

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe closer to Russia, Belarus and closely associated with Soviet Russia. Ukraine is a nation that has experienced many domestic as well as international disturbances over the years. There have been times of constant conflicts in the nation due to insurgent activities and territorial disputes. Ukraine has an economy based upon machinery production, energy export, agriculture and various other industry. Ukraine has a major role in the production of automobiles and air freight carriers. The country is also a major exporter of electricity to Europe and Russia. Despite the disturbances, Ukraine is a very popular tourist destination.

The Ukrainian currency is not a much widely used unlike many other. The transactions in the Ukrainian Hryvnia mainly occurs in the country itself. Hence the availability of the currency anywhere outside Ukraine except the neighbouring countries such as Russia and Belarus will be quite rare. The most followed way is to convert the Indian Rupee to Euros from India as the Indian Rupee cannot be converted at Ukraine.

Currency Overview

Currency Ukrainian Hryvnia
Nick Name None
Sub Units Kopiyky( 1₴= 100 Kopiyky)
Notes ₴1, ₴2, ₴5, ₴10, ₴20, ₴50, ₴100, ₴200, ₴500
Coins 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kopiyok, ₴1, ₴2, ₴5, ₴10
Valid in Ukraine
Ukrainian Hryvnia Note

Convert INR to UAH

Converting the Indian Rupee to UAH is quite difficult in India because of the unavailability of the Ukrainian currency. Instead convert the Indian Rupee easily to Euros through ExTravelMoney.com and then you can easily convert Euros in Ukraine upon your arrival. That way you can find better exchange rates. Choose from the list of vendors along with their exchange rates from our website and place your order for the exchange. Confirm the order for exchange with our customer service team and make the payment online. There is even the option of delivering the forex to your home by the vendor upon your request.

Convert UAH to INR

The Ukrainian Hryvnia is not accepted by banks and exchange houses in India. Convert any leftover Ukrainian currency to Euro before you leave to India. Since the Euro is a very popular currency it can be easily converted in India. You can convert Euros to INR with the help of ExTravelMoney.com. Place the order for exchange finding the right vendor online. Then shortly you will be contacted by one of our executives to complete the order. You can even request the pick up of the forex and KYC documents by the vendor.

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