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Russian Ruble to INR Rate Today

1 RUB = 0.95 INR
Last Updated: 1 second ago

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Russian Ruble

The Russian Ruble is the official currency of the Russian Federation. One Russian Ruble currency is made up of 100 Kopeks. The Russian Ruble represented by ₽, is not only the currency of Russia but also for certain other nations of the Soviet era. The Ruble was the world’s first currency to become decimalized. It is one of the oldest currencies that is still used in the world. Being one of the largest countries and largest economies in the world it opens to a world of opportunities.

After the Fall of Soviet Union, Russian Federation was startled into economically and politically. With many of the nation’s obtaining freedom from the federation of nations. The value of the Ruble declined during this time and quickly regained its dominance as Russia is one of the controllers of oil prices in the world.Conversion of the Ruble into any currency will depend upon the oil exported by Russia.

The Russian Ruble currency was initially known as the Soviet ruble and was renamed after the fall of Soviet Union. Russian Government prevents the transaction of foreign currency between its residents. USD and transaction of other currencies are especially banned by the government for residents. One US Dollar converted to RUB currency is about 55-60 Rubles. And one Russian Ruble converted to INR is 1-2 rupees.

Russia is an industrialist nation and one of the wealthiest and powerful nations in the world. The export of Oil makes up the prime economy of Russia. Russia is one of the world’s foremost superpowers that control the economy and political status of the world. Also, Russia is one of the places where Industrialists in the world looks forward to expanding their business and explore new business options. Also, The Russian Federation opens the world of education to all the students in the world. The Russian Universities are one of the best educational institutions in the world. Indian students are always welcomed in Russia since the relationship between the two countries goes way back.

Since oil is the main export of Russia and oil prices are always changing around the world. This change can also affect the exchange rate of Russian Ruble to INR. Any change in the oil price also proportionally change the rate of Russian Ruble. This can be seen in any Russian Ruble Vs INR chart. As oil prices go up the exchange rate also goes up, as it goes down the rate declines. It is always advised to check the Ruble to INR history for best exchange rates for Ruble. Since the Ruble Currency is difficult to process in any country other than Russia. Most exchange houses do not hold Russian Ruble currencies. Primarily the conversion of the Russian Ruble currency is done by converting INR to USD or to Euros. Since these currencies are accepted in Russia, the USD or Euro can be converted to Russian Ruble currency in Russia.

Currency Overview

Currency Russian Ruble
Nick Name None
Sub Units Kopeyka (коп.) ( 1 Ruble= 100 Kopeyka)
Notes 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000 ₽
Coins 1, 5, 10, 50 коп., 1, 2, 5, 10₽
Valid in Russia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Donetsk People's Republic, Luhansk People's Republic
Russian Ruble Note

Convert INR to RUB

The conversion of Indian Rupee to Ruble currency is made possible by converting INR to USD or INR to Euro. Then the USD or Euro is converted in to Russian Rubles in exchange houses in Russia. This is the most common practice to convert to Russian Rubles on your journey to the Russian Federation. With no relative troubles or issues obtain the best forex services from ExTravelMoney.com. Always get the best exchange rates for INR to Russian Ruble by choosing from the list of vendors we have. Just choose the vendor and make the payment via online through. You have even options to receive the cash via home delivery from the nearest dealer we have.

Convert RUB to INR

The conversion of Russian Rubles to INR is not easy in India since most forex centres does not accept Russian Ruble currency. So it’s always better if you convert Russian Rubles to USD before you leave the country. Every exchange house in India will accept USD. With ExTravelMoney.com enjoy hassle-free services that make you realize the potential of an expanded network such as us.Find the right deaker that suits you with the best forex rate of the day and we will help you convert USD to INR. With thousands of dealers across India and with a multitude of service providers experience the best services that you can get.

Send Money From India to Russia

Sending money abroad is not always easy when it’s urgent or the situation is an emergency. Then you would not have the necessary time to do a market search for the best exchange rates for converting INR to RUB. But with ExTravelMoney.com never be worried as we will do everything you need to. You just have to make the order online and complete online payment. Even the KYC documents can be arranged to be picked up by our executives. The entire process of sending cash abroad can take about 3 days for the banks in the respective countries to complete the transaction. For sending money abroad US Dollars or Euro is used as an intermediary between two currencies. As these are the most widely accepted and transacted currencies in the world, it is the easiest way to convert Indian Rupee currency to Russian Ruble currency.

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