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Convert Brunei Dollar to Indian Rupee

The Brunei Dollar is the official currency of The Sultanate of Brunei. The currency is represented by the abbreviation BND and by the symbol B$. The currency and coin are issued by the Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam. Brunei is a small but wealthy nation under monarch rule. It is one of the few countries that still follows this system. Converting one Brunei Dollar to INR based on the market can result in 1 BND equal to 45- 50 INR. Find Live rates for converting Brunei Dollar to Indian Rupee here.

Brunei, even though a small nation is quite wealthy. The export of oil and petroleum products constitutes the economy of Brunei. The country is one of the largest oil and gas reserves in Asia. Exports of products all over Asia and US, Brunei keeps the economy on top. The nation is involved in mining collaborations with various multinational corporations such as Shell Corporation, Mitsubishi is some of these corporations. Since the economy of brunei depends upon petroleum, the oil prices determine the forex rate of Brunei Dollar. Exchanging Brunei Dollar to USD results in I BND equal to 0.5- 1 USD.

The economy is entirely based on exporting of petroleum. Since agriculture only makes up for indigenous use, other items such as meat and textiles for consumer use has to be imported. The country has invested in other nations to provide for themselves. Since Brunei exports petroleum to major countries, the nation is welcomed in other countries to invest.

Though Brunei Dollar has higher exchange values, there is no demand for the currency and it is not a widely transacted one too. Since the currency is only accepted in Brunei and Singapore, the currency is not kept by most exchange houses.

Convert INR to BND

Conversion of INR to BND is not done directly. It’s because Brunei Dollar is not available in India, due to lack of demand. Instead you can carry Singapore Dollar. SGD is acceptable in Brunei and has the same face value as that of BND as a result of the Currency Interchangeability Agreement between both countries. It is easy to purchase SGD currency in India. With the help of Extravelmoney.com, you can choose the right vendor you want and place your order. With the help of a customer executive complete your order and avail SGD currency. The payment can be done online and you can even request the vendor to deliver the currency to your home and pick up the KYC documents. This is the easiest way of converting INR to BND.

Convert BND to INR

Converting BND to INR is a difficult process. Since there is no domestic transaction in terms of Brunei Dollar in India, exchange houses do not keep the Brunei currency with them. The easiest way of converting Brunei Dollar into Indian Rupee is by converting the BND into SGD before leaving Brunei. Then on arrival in India, SGD can be converted to INR with the help of Extravelmoney.com. From a list of vendors available in your region choose the one with the best exchange rate of the day and place your order online. Then shortly our customer care executive will contact you to assist you in completing the procedure. Make the payment online and you can even request the vendor to offer doorstep services in collecting the currency and the KYC documents.

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