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Convert Afghan Afghani to Indian Rupee

The Afghani is the official currency of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It is represented by the symbol Afs and in the abbreviation AFN. The Afghani is subdivided into 100 pul. But the pul is not currently in circulation in any part of Afghanistan. The banknotes and coins are issued by Da Afghanistan Bank. The banknotes range from 5 Af to 1000 Afs. The coins are in 1, 2, 5 Afs. Kabul is the capital of the nation. The Afghan Afghani and Indian Rupee are almost similar in value. One Indian rupee is equal to 0.9-1 Afghani currency. Find live rates for converting Afghan Afghani to Indian Rupee here.

Afghanistan is a country fully surrounded by other nations. It is an Islamic nation that has been long known for its civil wars and many insurgent groups such as the Taliban. With the intervention of the world’s forces such as the United States, a level of the insurgent activities was reduced. Now the economy is developing steadily with respect to other neighbouring nations. The United States is one of the major foreign investors in Afghanistan. This lead to many developments in the infrastructure mainly in the construction of airports and other utilities. Hence USD is one of the widely accepted foreign currencies in Afghanistan. One USD is equal to about 69 Afghani.

The economy of Afghanistan is mainly dependant on its agricultural production. The chief occupation of the country is agriculture. Afghanistan is one of the largest exporters of fruits such as Pomegranates, Grapes and Melons. Afghani Pomegranates are world renowned for its quality. Another chief contributor to the economy is mining of elements and petroleum products. Many nations including India has a significant investment in the mining industry of Afghanistan. This is steadily developing the economy of Afghanistan.

Indian currency cannot be converted to Afghan Afghani directly. There is no demand and circulation of the currency in India. So exchange houses and banks do not keep the Afghani currency. So in order to convert INR into AFN, it is imperative that INR has to be initially converted to USD. Then the USD can be converted to AFN in any exchange houses or banks in Afghanistan. This is done so because USD is the most popular and widely accepted currency in the world.

Convert INR to AFN

INR cannot be directly converted to AFN due to the low demand for Afghani currency in India. To obtain AFN, INR is converted to USD and then the USD is converted to AFN in exchange houses at Afghanistan. Using Extravelmoney.com you can find the vendor with the best forex rate for USD in your region and make the order online. With our customer executive, you can complete the order and make the payment online. You can even request the vendor to even provide door delivery of the forex currency and pick up the KYC documents.

Convert AFN to INR

Afghani currency is not very popular or has any demand in India. Hence the currency cannot be converted in exchange houses and banks in India directly. The most common way to convert AFN into INR is by converting Afghani into USD before you leave Afghanistan and then exchange USD currency to INR in India. In India, with Extravelmoney.com you can exchange USD for the best exchange rate from a list of vendors in your region. Just choose the vendor offering the best exchange rate and place the order online. Our customer executive will assist you in the completion of the order. You can even request doorstep services in picking up the forex and KYC documents.

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