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Sri Lankan Rupee to INR Rate Today

1 LKR = 0.27 INR
Last Updated: 1 second ago

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Sri Lankan Rupee

The Sri Lankan Rupee is the official currency of The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The currency is represented by the abbreviation LKR and by the symbol රු or by Rs. One Sri Lankan Rupee is subdivided into 100 Cents. The banknotes and coins are issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.The conversion of Sri lankan rupee to Indian Rupee is at an exchange rate, 1 LKR is equal to 0.30-0.50 INR. Get live rates for converting LKR to INR here.

Sri Lanka share many similarities to India. A part of the population are descendants of Indian origin. Tamil, Sinhalese and English are some of the languages that are prevalent in Sri Lanka. Lanka is a small island nation on south of the Indian peninsula. The topography and geography is quite similar to the southern regions of India. The economy is mainly based on agriculture, tourism, export of plantation crops such as tea, coffee, rubber and also textiles. The economy of the nation was constantly under the influence of the socio-political conflict between the Lankan government and the terrorist organisation known as LTTE. This was suppressed over a decade ago and the group was extinguished from activity. The population mainly consists of poor citizens that are mainly engaged in agriculture and manual labour. The nation has historical ties with India as well as political. The Indian rupee was initially used in Sri Lanka and was discontinued. Then the Indian Rupee was converted to Sri Lankan Rupee. The Sri Lankan currency has low exchange value compared to Indian rupee. A US Dollar is equivalent to about 156 Sri Lankan Rupee where as one USD is equivalent to about 64-66 Indian Rupee.

Since the nation does not have any dominant exports that can control the value of the currency and is economically unstabilized by colonial ruling and civil wars, the nation depends mainly on foreign investments rather than domestic. Tourism being one of the key factors in the economy of Sri Lanka, is promoted very much to ensure employment and income. Sri Lanka has many important locations to offer to the world. There are historic forts, Buddhist monuments and scenic locations all through Sri Lanka. The beaches and the cuisine is famous around the world. Since tourism attracts an inflow of foreign currency such as US Dollars, they are accepted widely and can be converted to the Sri Lankan currency. This is the most common practice of converting currency in Lanka. The exchange houses and banks do not accept any form of currency other than USD to convert into LKR. Since USD is one of the world’s popular monetary exchange unit, it can be exchanged to any currency in the world a their respective country’s. The Sri Lankan rupee is neither popular nor in any high demand. So the most effective way when you require Sri Lankan currency is by exchanging USD to LKR.

Currency Overview

Currency Sri Lankan Rupee
Symbol රු, ரூ, Rs
Nick Name None
Sub Units Cents ( 1 Rupee= 100 cents)
Notes 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 රු
Coins 25, 50 cents, 1, 2, 5, 10 රු
Valid in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Rupee Note

Convert INR to LKR

Even though forex cards are the most suitable way of carrying Sri Lankan Currency, it is always important to carry some amount of the currency as cash when travelling to Sri Lanka. Since most exchange houses do not keep Sri Lankan rupee due to its lack of popularity and demand INR cannot be converted directly to LKR. With the help of ExTravelMoney.com convert INR to USD as USD can be converted to LKR in Sri Lankan banks and exchange houses. Choose from the list of vendors available in your region from ExTravelMoney.com and place your order online. Shortly our customer care executive will contact you for further proceedings. Make the payment in INR via online and you can even request the vendor to deliver the currency to your home and pick up the KYC documents.

Convert LKR to INR

The Sri Lankan Rupee is not a widely accepted and demanding currency in India hence exchange houses do not keep the currency with them. So the best way of converting LKR to INR is by converting the Sri Lankan currency in your hand into USD before you leave Sri Lanka. In India with ExTravelMoney.com you can convert USD into INR with any of the vendors listed in your region. Then you can request the vendor to pick up the currency and KYC documents from your home. With Us you can avail the best rates for USD on the market.

Send Money from India to Sri Lanka

Sending money from India to Sri Lanka is a complicated process. Since INR cannot be send directly as LKR. So the process is carried by using USD. By using the services of ExTravelMoney.com choose the vendor that you want to send the money through. Then make the payment online in equivalent amount of USD with the help of our customer executive. You can request the vendor to even pick up the necessary KYC documents too. The entire process can take upto 3 days for the banks in Sri Lanka to complete the transaction.

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