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Indonesian Rupiah

The official currency of Indonesia, the Indonesian Rupiah is issued and controlled by the Bank of Indonesia. With Large denomination and relatively little exchange rates, Rupiah has very low exchange value with INR. The largest denomination is the 100,000 Rupiah note with a forex value range less than 500 INR, it truly makes a false impression of richness to the unknown. With Extravelmoney.com experience that richness when travelling to Indonesia. The Indonesian Rupiah is one of the world’s most depreciated currencies of the world deeming it relatively low in value. Indonesia as in the name resembles India. But there is more than that in actual, most of the South East Asian countries including India shares a common ancestry, only described and illustrated in different ways. Even the currency name was derived from the Indian Rupee.

The Indonesian currency traces its root back to India as both the country shares a common ancestry. The names of the currencies are derived from the Sanskrit word Rupyakam. The rupiah was initially made up of 100 Sen, but the fall in value deemed the coins and banknotes in Sen worthless. The Rupiah though is said so officially is really known as Perak in the native regions.

Comparing other nations to Indonesia the country has one of the lowest cost of living factor adhered to it. Being an underdeveloped nation in and due to the factor the countryside is blessed with nature, Indonesia became one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world where you can spend little money for incomparable fun. Rather than destinations in European nations Indonesia provides an experience that makes you closer to the nature better than the luxury. But with only a tenth of the money you spent on hotels in Paris, you can complete your entire trip in Indonesia.

Since Indonesia is a reservoir of natural reservoirs, the country is an interesting provider for many industries. With relatively cheap investments compared to other nations and easy availability of human resources makes it valuable choice for many corporations. With a growing consumer market also makes it a potential market. With conditions little less developed than India makes it also a favourite market for Indian consumer products and services. Indonesia is one of the world’s largest emerging markets opening new opportunities and paving new ways of life. The largest produce in Indonesia of Palm Oil which contributes about half of the world’s production.Relating the present conditions of Indonesia conversion of Indonesian Rupiah to INR or INR to Indonesian Rupiah is done by initially converting the required currency to US Dollars. This enables the banks to process the currency much easier since USD is universal. And this enables the individual to handle the monetary transactions.

The Indonesian Rupiah being low in transaction values is in the denominations of 100 to 100,000 Rupiah. But converting 1000 Indonesian Rupiah to INR only gives about 4.5 INR. Since Rupee to Rupiah conversion will lead to stacks of currency as 100 INR will give about 22,000 Rupiah, which will be too much to handle. For easy transaction and transportation visitors to India always convert INR to USD so they can be converted to IDr in Indonesia. Since USD is accepted anywhere in the world this is the most effective way of transaction. The agency will take about 3 days to complete the entire transaction for complete seamless ease.

Currency Overview

Currency Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol Rp
Nick Name Perak
Sub Units Sen( 1 Rupiah= 1 Rp)
Notes 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000 Rp
Coins 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Rp
Valid in Indonesia
Indonesian Rupiah Note

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Convert IDR to INR

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