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1 NOK = 7.58 INR
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Norwegian Krone

The Norwegian Krone is the official currency of the Kingdom of Norway. The currency is represented by the symbol kr and by the abbreviation NOK. The banknotes and coins are issued by the Norges Bank. The Krone or Kroner is one of the widely used currencies in the world. The Norwegian currency is available in the denominations ranging from 50 to 1000 Kroner as banknotes and coins from 1 to 20 kroners. One Krone currency is subdivided into 100 Øre. This value only exists in exchange values. Converting Norwegian Krone to Indian Rupee will result in the value 1 krone equals to 8-9 Indian Rupees.

Norway is a monarch nation in the Scandinavian region. Norway is known as the land of the midnight sun as some parts of the country do not experience night. History speaks of Norway as the land of the Vikings. Many remnants of the Viking civilisation was found throughout the country. The economy of the country is mostly based on the export of natural gas and petroleum products. Norway has one of the largest reserves of oil and gas in the world. Since it is closed to the arctic circle, there is a large source of fossil fuels underneath Norway that is still untapped. This determines the economic stability of Norway. The country is also one of the largest exporters of seafood in the world. One US Dollar currency is equal to approximately 7-8 Norwegian Krone.

Norway is known as one of the happiest and calmest places in the world. The country reigns first in the world happiness index and many other development rankings. The Norwegian Krone although famous is not accepted or distributed in any exchange houses or banks in India. To convert the Indian currency to the Norwegian currency it is crucial to understand the fact that the Norwegian Krone is not a very demanding or available currency in India. The only way for someone to get hold of the Norwegian Krone is to convert Indian Rupee to US Dollars and then convert USD to NOK in banks and exchange houses in Norway. Since USD is readily available and accepted anywhere in the world it is most common practice to convert NOK.

Currency Overview

Currency Norwegian Krone
Symbol Krا
Nick Name None
Sub Units øre ( 1 Kroner = 100 øre)
Notes 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Kr
Coins 1, 5, 10, 20 Kr
Valid in Norway, Svalbard, Bovet Island, Queen Maud Island, Peter 1 Island
Norwegian Krone Note

Convert INR to NOK

The crucial factor whenever to take a trip to another country is to keep some hard cash also with forex card. Although Norway is a very popular nation, there is no impending demand for Norwegian Krone currency in India. Since there is no demand and because of the less popularity the Krone currency is neither accepted nor given out in Indian banks and forex centres. So in order to facilitate the conversion of INR to NOK, the Indian Rupee is initially converted to USD and then the USD can be exchanged for Norwegian Krone currency in Norway. With the help of ExTravelMoney.com, you can convert Indian Rupees to USD. From the website choose a vendor in your region that offers the best exchange rate for USD. Place the order online and wait for our customer executive to call you for completing the order. Make the payment online and you can even request the vendor to provide doorstep services in delivering the forex and picking up the KYC documents.

Convert NOK to INR

It is possible that you can have leftover Norwegian currency from your trip abroad to Norway. And then you also have to understand that there is no point in bringing Norwegian currency to India. The currency is neither popular nor demanding in India, so exchange houses or banks do not accept the Norwegian Krone. So in order to convert the Norwegian Krone to Indian Rupee currency, you have to convert the NOK to US Dollar currency before you leave Norway. Since USD is accepted in every exchange houses and banks in India, the forex can be easily converted to Indian Rupee currency. You can convert USD into INR easily using the facilities of ExTravelMoney.com. Choose a vendor that offers the best exchange rate for your forex in your region and place the order online on the website. Shortly our customer care executive will call you for completing the order. You can request the vendor to pick up the USD currency and KYC documents from your home. Then you can receive payments in your account.

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