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Canadian Dollar to INR

The Canadian Dollar is the official currency of Canada. It is represented with $ sign or sometimes C$ to differentiate from US Dollar. anadian Dollar Currency Notes comes in a denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Hundred cents make a Canadian Dollar. In India Extravelmoney makes it easy for you to convert Canadian dollar to INR or INR to Canadian dollar at amazing exchange rates.

Trivia: In Canada, the C$1 coin is nick named the ‘Loonie’ , since there is a picture of loon on the coin, and C$2 is nick named the ‘Twonie’ which rhymes with Loonie!

Convert CAD to Indian rupee

If you are a foreigner visiting India, a non resident Indian, or an Indian citizen having leftover Canadian dollar since your last foreign trip, you can easily exchange it to indian rupee via You can en-cash Canadian Dollar Notes or forex cards after comparing exchange rates offered by nearest authorized Money changers who has tied up with You can place the order online and can avail our in a day door delivery service or can walk in to the forex store which would be just a few steps away.

Convert INR to CAD

With you can pick up Canadian Dollar currency notes or Canadian Dollar Forex Debit Cards in exchange of Indian rupee. Multi currency forex cards are also available at Be assured to get the best exchange rate for Canadian dollar in India.

Send Money from India to Canada

If you are worried about sending money from India to Canada for educational expenses, medical expenses is the solution for you. Getting the best exchange rate is crucial to reducing your costs while staying or touring in one of the most expensive countries like Canada. With you can compare the exchange rates offered by money transfer outlets around you for converting Canadian dollar to INR. You can then place the order for wire transfer or demand draft online and get your KYC documents ready verification. You can make the payment via DD/Cheque/NEFT/RTGS.

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