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Vietnamese Dong to INR Rate Today

1 VND = 0.0033 INR
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Vietnamese Dong

The Vietnamese Dong is the official currency of Vietnam. The VND is represented by the symbol ₫ and by the international code VND. The Dong is divided into subunits called Hao, where 10 Hao makes up 1 Dong. Hao is again divided into Xu, where 100 Xu makes up I Dong. Both of these units are obsolete as Vietnamese Dong suffers from a massive inflation making it one of the least valuable currencies in the world. The currency is issued and circulated by the State Bank of Vietnam.One Indian Rupee is equal to 330-335 VND. Get live rates for converting VND to INR here.

Since the currency faces massive inflation, the nation has denominations of bank notes issued up to 500,000 Dong. The smaller denominations are not even used in the country as they have no demand. The currency suffers from such inflation due to the fact that the country is poor in development and fails to meet the needs of its citizens. Converting INR to VND is quite difficult due to the fact that most of the exchange does not facilitate the process of Converting INR to VND directly. To do any transaction on INR to VND or VND to INR, the process is carried out in the equivalent amount of US Dollars. Since US Dollar is one of the most popular currency in demand and on the market, any conversion will be based on USD. But one has to consider the fact that even our 2000 INR currency is equivalent to about 702,000 VND.

One of the most compelling reasons for someone to visit Vietnam is the tourist destinations. Vietnam is one of the places in the world that is enriched with natural beauty. With very less expenditure one could easily spend time in Vietnam an enjoy the wonderful locations. Tourism is the most flourishing business in Vietnam compared to others. Since Vietnam has a lot to offer with little price tags, tourists from all over the world visit Vietnam. This causes an inflow of foreign currency mainly USD. Thus it is always easy to exchange US dollar for Vietnamese Dong in exchange houses of Vietnam.

Currency Overview

Currency Vietnamese Dong
Nick Name None
Sub Units Hào ( 1 Dong= 10 Hào), Xu ( 1 Dong = 100 Xu)
Notes 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000, 200000, 500000 ₫
Coins 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 ₫
Valid in Vietnam
Vietnamese Dong Note

Convert INR to VND

VND, the official currency is required whenever you travel to Vietnam. Even though forex cards are most suitable for carrying cash it’s always best to keep Vietnamese currency at hand. Vietnamese Dong is rarely available in India. Instead carry US Dollar which is easily available. It can be then exchanged at the Vietnam exchange houses to obtain VND currency. Extravelmoney.com offers you a list of vendors that you can choose from that offers you the best exchange rate for USD. Just choose the vendor you find suitable and place the order online. Then shortly our customer care executive will contact you to assist in the order. Then make the payment online. You can even request a doorstep delivery from the vendor to deliver forex and pick up the KYC documents.

Convert VND to INR

If you have balance forex from your trip on Vietnam, it’s always best to either spend the Vietnamese currency there itself as there is probably nothing you can do with Vietnamese Dong in India. The reason because no exchange house accepts the Vietnamese currency as the domestic demand is practically nil. The only way is to convert VND to INR is by exchanging VND for USD in exchange houses at Vietnam before you leave the country. Then Extravelmoney.com can help you find a vendor that can provide the best rate for USD in your region. Just place your order and get support from one of the executives in completing the order. On request, the vendor can provide doorstep services to facilitate the forex.

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