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Convert Kuwaiti Dinar to INR

KWD: The currency of Kuwait is Dinar and it is the highest value currency in the entire world. Kuwait is rich in oil exports even among the gulf countries and thus the currency value tops the list. is an online platform which lets you exchange foreign currency and send money abroad to your loved ones. You can see the number of vendors that are available at your locality and choose the one that offers you the best rate in town. With around 4000+ stores all over the country,, is an easy way of currency exchange in India. In case you are in a hurry, we also have an option of door delivery service.

Exchange KWD to Indian Rupees is the best platform to exchange foreign currency. You can exchange your Kuwaiti Dinar here. Once you check the available vendors and the rates in your locality, you can choose the most affordable rates. Check out our live exchange rates and place the order and let us take care of the rest. Our customer care is always at your service.

Convert INR to Kuwaiti Dinar

Getting foreign currency before the trip is definitely better than exchanging it abroad where you might have to buy at very high exchange rates. Converting currencies is just a few clicks away. We here at help you convert Indian rupee to KWD as currency or forex card with the best rates in town.

Send money from India to Kuwait

Yes, transfer money to Kuwait from India with just a few clicks. Send money to Kuwait via Demand Draft or Wire Transfer. Money credited your beneficiary account within 2 days!

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