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Iraqi Dinar to INR Rate Today

1 IQD = 0.06 INR
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Iraqi Dinar

The Iraqi Dinar is the official currency of the Republic of Iraq. The Dinar is represented by the symbol د.ع and by the abbreviation IQD. The Dinar is subdivided into 1000 units called Fils. The banknotes and coins are issued by the Central Bank of Iraq. The banknotes issued are from 1000 to 50,000 Dinars. The Fils is an obsolete value due to the inflation suffered by the Iraqi Dinar. The Iraqi Dinar on exchange will result in about one Indian Rupee equals to 18-19 Iraqi Dinars.

Iraq became the center of the world in this century following the American invasion of Iraq overthrowing the Saddam Hussein Government. Even this day Iraq keeps coming into the world’s attention following various Islamic State attacks in Iraq.The country lacks the necessary requirements in infrastructure and organization due to the three decades of war and the still following terrorist threats. The economy of Iraq is still going due to the significant foreign investment received by the nation. Many MNCs have invested in Iraq playing a significant role in the development of Infrastructure. Another key business that supports Iraqi economy is the petroleum business. Iraq has a huge reserve of oil beneath that kept the country’s economy safe for decades. The Iraqi Dinar before the wars were quite in value but suffered inflation year after year. The conversion of Iraqi Dinar to USD will be in the forex market results in 1 USD will be equal to 1190-1200 Iraqi Dinar currency.

Currency Overview

Currency Iraqi Dinar
Symbol د.ع
Nick Name None
Sub Units Fils( 1 Dinar= 100 Fils)
Notes 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000 Dinars
Coins 25, 50, 100 Dinars
Valid in Iraq
Iraqi Dinar Note

Convert INR to IQD

It is very difficult to convert Indian currency to Iraqi Dinar currency in Indian banks and forex centers due to the low popularity and demand of the currency in India. The most feasible way for obtaining Iraqi Dinar is by converting Indian Rupee to US Dollars in India and then convert the USD to Iraqi Dinar currency at exchange houses in Iraq. This makes carrying currency more convenient since large amounts in Iraqi Dinars will be in loads of currency. Indian Rupee can be exchanged for US Dollars with the help of ExTravelMoney.com. Choose a vendor in your region that offers currency exchange and place the order on our website. Wait for our executive to call you for completing the order. Make the payment online and you can even request the forex o be delivered to your home by the vendor and pick up the KYC documents.

Convert IQD to INR

If you have Iraqi Dinars left with you on your visit to Iraq it is quite impossible to convert Iraqi Dinars to Indian Rupee. This is due to the fact that Iraqi Dinar has no particular market value in India. Hence there is no demand for the currency in India. So the best way to convert IQD to INR is by converting the Iraqi currency to USD before you leave Iraq. In India, You can convert USD to Indian rupee with the help of ExTravelMoney.com. Choose from the list of vendors in your region that offers the best exchange rate for USD and place the order online. Shortly our customer care executive will contact you for completing the order. You can request the vendor to offer doorstep services in picking up the forex in your hand and the KYC documents required.

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