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Convert Hong Kong Dollar to Indian Rupee

The best exchange rates in town, that’s what offers you. Around 4000+ tied up stores around the country. Placing the order is very easy, with our customer support always at your service. You can compare the exchange rates in your locality and select the suitable vendor. Once the order is placed you have a provision for door delivery.

HKD: Hong Kong Dollar is abbreviated as HK$ or simply $ . During the 19th century, Hong Kong used a variety of foreign currencies and Indian Rupee was one of them!

Exchange HKD to Indian Rupee

Checking our rates will help you choose the best vendor in your locality. helps you convert your Hong Kong Dollar to INR. You can get your currency exchanged here.

Convert INR to Hong Kong Dollars

Hong Kong is a wonderful country to visit, but have you bought Hong Kong Dollars or credited your Travel Forex Card with the same, before the trip? We are here to help, put forth your currency requirement at Check the exchange rates and place your order, will help you convert your Indian rupees to Hong Kong Dollars.

Send Money from India to Hong Kong

Sending money is just a few clicks away. Send money to Hong Kong through It is simple and hassle-free. Get the best rate for your money and save up on every rupee. Place your order and let our customer care take care of the rest for you.

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