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Philippine Peso to INR Rate Today

1 PHP = 1.43 INR
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Philippine Peso

Philippine Peso or Piso is the official currency of the Philippines similar to the derivations of currencies in the Hispanic regions of the world. One Peso consists of 100 Centavos or Sentimos. With the denomination of currency ranging from 20 Pesos to 1000 Pesos, they are issued and validated by the Central bank of the Philippines. Peso is the name of many of the currencies in the world since it was introduced by the Spanish in their colonies.The residents of the country changed the name to Piso rather than Peso.

The Philippine Peso has exchange values slightly higher than Indian Rupee. This can vary from time to time. To benefit from the best exchange rate it is always advised to research more about the Philippine peso to Indian Rupee history. Since the currency exchange rates can cause a very large difference when it comes to converting neary 1 lakh INR to Philippine Peso. Since the conversion rates can also be seen in small exchanges such as 2000 Pesos to Indian Rupee. The Philippine currency rate today should always be noted as it could differ from yesterday.

Being once a Spanish colony, the Philippines including other colonial countries share the same currency name Peso, but in the Philippines, this was changed to Peso as in the native Filipino language. Unlike the other Spanish colonial countries, Philippines Peso is worth more than The Indian Rupee. Whereas the Colombian Peso to INR exchange rate is quite low. The Piso is represented by the symbol ₱. Though initially a Spanish colony, Philippines was occupied by US and Japan in later time. These along with the native immigrants made the Philippine culture a fusion.

The Philippines is a cluster of islands, is most popular for Island Hopping an activity in reaching various islands through water transport. The local market of tourist experiences an inflow of US Dollars since it is the most widely used currency in the world. Everyone travelling to the Philippines carries USD in means of cash as it is easy to convert and accepted everywhere. Since banks and other exchanges accept foreign currency mostly in USD it is the best way to pay for expenses in the Philippines or else the most efficient way is to use a forex card. Since local markets need not always do transactions in digital currency, One should always keep cash in hand. Any international transaction including conversion of the currency is initially done by converting the currency into USD and then the banks in the respective country will convert it into their currency. This process takes a minimum of 3 days to complete, respective of the time zones.

Currency Overview

Currency Philippine Peso
Nick Name Piso
Sub Units Centavo ( 1 Peso= 100 centavo)
Notes 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 ₱
Coins 1, 5, 10, 25 centavos
Valid in Philippines
Philippine Peso Note

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The Philippines is one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in the world as well a place where Indian students seek education. Since many are travelling to the Philippines it’s important to hold the local currency ie, Pesos. Since it is easier for the exchange of INR to PHP in India it’s always best to seek out best options in Forex. That’s when ExTravelMoney.com steps in to assist you.With us know the best Philippines currency rate of today. With benefits of getting information regarding the current market and best options to choose for exchange. With us, experience the privilege of doorstep service and easy management of your money.

Convert PHP to INR

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It will always be in a rush when you want to send money abroad for student fee, emergency or for business purposes then you won’t have enough time to do a proper market research and explore your options. With ExTravelMoney.com, make us your one-stop destination for forex services without even leaving your home. With doorstep delivery and quality services experience the best with ExTravelMoney.com. Place orders and pay for the services online The entire process could take up to 3 days as the transacted amount has to be converted to USD in order to facilitate the transfer. The banks in the respective country then only could process the funds accordingly..

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