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Convert Qatari Riyal to INR

QAR: The riyal is the currency of the State of Qatar. It is divided into 100 dirhams. Until 1966, Qatar used Indian rupee as currency in the form of the Gulf rupee. provides you with one of the most reliable service in the field of foreign currency exchange and sending money abroad. We have around 4000+ stores around the country. Check the live exchange rates for Qatari Riyal and then search for and choose a suitable vendor from your locality. Once you have placed the order, get your KYC docs ready for verification. Door delivery of forex option can be availed if need be. In case of any queries, our customer service executives will always be at your assistance. focuses on the ways in which currency exchange and remittance is done with maximum ease.

Exchange QAR to INR

Want to exchange Qatari rials? is the best platform for currency exchange in India. You can convert your Qatari riyals to INR here. Our currency converter can help you get an idea of the exchange rates.

Convert Indian Rupees to Qatari Riyals

The prudent person will exchange INR to Qatari Rial before leaving for a trip to Qatar. Currency exchange at airports cost a lot in the form of conversion fees. We at can take care of your currency exchange needs. Exchange your Indian Rupees to Qatari rials with us.

Send Money to Qatar

Sending money to your loved ones in Qatar is now made easy with We remit money via Wire Transfer and Demand Drafts. Check out different cheap vendor rates and place your order. Your order will be processed immediately and money credited to beneficiary account within 24 to 48 hours!

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