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7 Basic Safety Tips For Women Traveling Abroad

  Globally, women are identified as the group most at risk from pickpockets, thieves, and other anti-social elements while traveling. Wishing for a world where people won’t be douches to other people is..an empty wish. Therefore, it’s prudent for women

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10 Things To Do Before Going To Study Abroad

Studying abroad has many benefits along with gaining a well-rounded education and personality development. Now that you’ve applied to and been selected for a great study program abroad, let’s find out what all tasks should be included in your “Things

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5 Smart Hacks For Saving Money On Study Abroad!

More than 4 lakh+ students are gearing up for studying abroad in 2016 and more than $4 billion or over ₹26,000 crore money outflow under LRS scheme is expected this academic year! An overseas education costs big bucks and this

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