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South Korean Won to INR Rate Today

1 KRW = 0.0603 INR
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South Korean Won

The official currency of the Republic of Korea is the Won. The Won currency is issued and circulated by the Bank of Korea in the capital city of Seoul. The Korean Republic Won currency is represented by the symbol ₩. The currency consists of subunits called Jeon, where 1 KRW is equal to 100 Jeon. Jeon is not a popularly used unit since it is relatively of low value and is only used to accurately determine forex values. The forex rates for converting South Korean Won to INR or any currency depends upon the conditions of the economy of Korea.

South Korea is one of the worlds largest consumer electronics manufacturing companies in the world. With Samsung as one of their key brands, Korean electronics has dominated a majority of the world’s market. Not only in consumer electronics, South Korea is one of the world’s most technologically advanced nations. With most of the world’s automotive and electronic companies tracing its roots back to Korea, the country is the first Asian country ever to export indigenously made fighter aircraft. Koreans are advanced in robotics research and development.

The Korean entertainment industry is also popular in a majority of the world. Korean movies that often are art films is widely accepted in the world. Rather than that the Korean music industry is creating a worldwide revolution as the musical genre known as K-pop, an integration of the popular genres in the music is widely popularised by the youths of the world. But South Korea is mainly known for sharing a border with North Korea. Since both the nations are always at unrest, slight issues could affect the economy of South Korea creating rises and falls in the market.Such culminations are key to the Korean financial stability.These are some of the deterministic factors that are key in the forex market of South Korean Won currency. Mainly converting Indian Rupee currency to South Korean Won currency is not done in India. Most of the forex centres does not hold the possession of South Korean Won currency. Hence the converting of Indian Rupee to Won is done by initially converting Indian Rupee to USD and the convert USD to South Korean won currency at exchange houses in Korea. One US Dollar converted to South Korean won is about 1062-1065 KRW. And one Indian rupee converted to South Korean Won is 15-17 KRW approximately.

Currency Overview

Currency South Korean Won
Nick Name None
Sub Units Jeon (1 Won= 100 Jeon)
Notes 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 50000 ₩
Coins 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 ₩
Valid in South Korea
South Korean Won Note

Convert INR to KRW

Since Korea is one of the booming markets in the world and many of the indian Students seek education in South Korea it is important to convert INR to KRW. Since the process is complicated and most exchange houses do not possess the South Korean Won currency, the process is done by converting INR to USD, since USD is accepted worldwide and then USD is converted to KRW in Korean exchange houses. This can be facilitated by ExTravelMoney.com. We can help you convert INR to KRW by getting the equivalent USD in terms of KRW. Just make the order and our customer executive will assist you in the remaining process. You can choose from various vendors in your region and choose the best for you. On request the vendor can provide doorstep delivery and even pickup the KYC documents from your home.

Convert KRW to INR

With ExTravelMoney.com avail the facility to convert the forex that you have. Since it’s quite a headache to convert KRW to INR it’s better if you convert the remaining KRW to USD before you leave Korea. Since USD is accepted in any exchange houses in India and abroad, it’s always better to convert to USD on international trips. From our list of dealers choose the right one providing the best exchange rates of the day. With the help of our customer care executive complete your order and make payment for the services. On request the dealer can provide you door delivery of Indian rupee currency.

Send Money from India to South Korea

Since many Indian students study abroad in Korea it’s always necessary for parents to send money abroad. With ExTravelMoney.com avail easy services to send money abroad. You only need to make the order online and our customer care executive will contact you shortly in order to complete the procedure. From the list of vendors available choose the best vendor providing the best rates for converting INR to USD, since USD is used to facilitate the international transfers. Then complete payment online. You can even request the vendor to provide doorstep services. The process of sending money will take about 3 days for the banks to process considering the variation in time zones.

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