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Mauritian Rupee to INR Rate Today

1 MUR = 1.86 INR
Last Updated: 1 second ago

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Mauritian Rupee

The Rupee is the official currency of the Republic of Mauritius. The Rupee, abbreviated in the form MUR is represented by the symbol ₨. The currency and coin are issued and circulated by the Central Bank of Mauritius. One Rs is made up of 100 Cents. Banknotes from 25 Rs to 2000 Rs is found. The Indian Rupee was originally one of the currencies used in Mauritius along with British Pound. When converting the Mauritian Rupee to Indian Rupee, 1 MUR is equal to 1.5- 2 INR.

Mauritius was once colonies of the French, the Dutch and the British. The Island nation was named after a Dutch prince. The Mauritian Rupee currency depicts the image of the extinct bird Dodo in them. Since Dodo was an endemic species only to the island of Mauritius. The nation hosts a variety of ethnicity and linguistic class of people. The culture is also mixed including the French, English, Dutch, African and Indian. Though Mauritius is an African nation, the economic conditions and geography differ from Africa. Mauritius is home to many endemic species of organisms that are vivid. Since Indians constitutes a majority of the natives Indian Rupee is accepted in Mauritius in hotels and restaurants, but the exchange rates would be very different.

Tourism and export of sugar products constitute the key economy of Mauritius. Sugarcane plantations constitute a majority of the agriculture land in Mauritius. A majority of the population consists of people of Indian origin. Mauritius offers tremendous tourist locations ranging from forts and architecture from the early colonisation period to sandy beaches and blue waters. Since the country is in good economic conditions and has not faced any major instabilities posed by war or threats, the exchange value of MUR is high compared to INR. Mauritius holds strong economic and political ties to India.

Since tourism is one of the strongest reasons that attract people to Mauritius it is one of the major source of income in Mauritius. Many visit Mauritius as it is a bang for the buck deal. The country offers the best value for the money spend in terms of enjoyment. Many hotels and resorts provide the best quality service that they can possibly provide. And most of these establishments accept currencies for exchange. The process of forex is done mainly by converting any currency that is less popular into one that is most popular ie, USD or Euro. Since the exchange houses don’t keep the currency that you require due to the low demand and unpopularity, they always convert your money into USD rather than converting INR to MUR. This is the most common practice and easiest since USD is popular and widely accepted anywhere in the world. Then the obtained USD can be converted to MUR at exchange houses in Mauritius. Since major inflow of foreign income is mainly through USD it is accepted there. Then the required Mauritian Rupee currency can be obtained.

Currency Overview

Currency Mauritian Rupee
Symbol Rsا
Nick Name None
Sub Units Cents ( 1 Rupee= 100 Cents)
Notes 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 Rs
Coins 5, 20 Cents, 1/2, 1, 5, 10, 20 Rs
Valid in Mauritius
Mauritian Rupee  Note

Convert INR to MUR

Mauritian rupee is required whenever you travel to the country. Though Forex cards that are loaded with Mauritian Rupee currency is available, it is always best to keep some Mauritian currency as cash at hand. Converting INR is made possible by converting INR to USD first and then exchanging USD for MUR at exchange houses in Mauritius. With ExTravelMoney.com find out the dealer in your region that gives the best forex rates of the day. Just place your order online and our customer executive will contact you in completing your order. Then pay the USD equivalent Indian Rupee via online. You can even request door delivery services from the dealer for currency delivery and picking up KYC documents.

Convert MUR to INR

Since there is no high demand for Mauritian currency in India, exchange houses in India do not facilitate the exchange of MUR to INR. If you have leftover cash as Mauritian Rupee it is always best either to spend the money there or convert MUR into USD through any exchange houses in Mauritius. Since USD is popular and accepted worldwide it is the best option for you. In India, ExTravelMoney.com can help you in converting the forex you obtained into INR. Just place the order online and our customer executive will take you through the entire process. By choosing the vendor that provides the best forex rate for USD you can ask the vendor for doorstep services for picking up cash and KYC documents.

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