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Today's Best SAR Rates in Chennai
Buy SAR Currency 22.37
Buy SAR Forex Card 22.47
Sell SAR Currency 21.67
Remit Saudi Riyal 22.42

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Saudi Riyal

Saudi Riyal is the official currency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The currency is represented by the symbol SR or ر.س and by the ISO code SAR. The currency is subdivided into 100 Halalah. The banknotes and coins are issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority. The banknotes range from 5 to 500 riyals and coins from 1 to 50 halalahs and 1, 2 riyals are issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority. The Saudi Riyal has an exchange value of 15-20 Indian Rupees. The Saudi Riyal is popular in India due to a large number of NRI citizens working in Saudi Arabia. Since there are not many skilled Saudi citizens contributing to the labour force. The majority of the foreign workers in Saudi Arabia is from India. Hence the Indian banks and exchange houses accept and exchange Saudi Riyal.

Saudi Riyal

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