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Buy AUD Currency 57.25
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Sell AUD Currency 56.27
Remit Australian Dollar 56.97

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You can buy Australian Dollar online and get the currency/card delivered directly to your home or office. We understand that you are in a hurry and that is why we strive to complete every transaction, the same day of placing the order.

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About Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar is the authorized currency of Australia, which is among the top ten currencies traded in the forex market. The symbol $ and the code AUD denote the Australian dollar. It is also nicknamed Dough and Aussie Dollar. The Reserve Bank of Australia is responsible for issuing Australian dollars and the minor units called cents. Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in economy, natural resources, and infrastructure. These tempting characteristics of Australia attract multinational tourists, immigrants, and students. Therefore, a high demand for Australian dollars is present in the current scenario. ExTravelMoney facilitates sales and purchases of genuine Australian dollars that efficiently cover your currency requirements.

Australian Dollar

Guide for Authenticating AUD Notes

  1. Since Australian dollars are polymer in material, an authentic note returns to its original shape without creases after being crumpled.

  2. The dark-colored portraits and numerals on a banknote are slightly raised, with a different texture, which can be sensed by touch.

  3. When tilted, the seven-pointed star, part of the top-to-bottom window on an actual currency, shall turn three-dimensional, colorful, and raised. On the other hand, the seven-pointed star in the small window in the lower corner appears to have a light and dark effect.

  4. An original note has an image of a flying dollar bird that moves its wings and changes color when looked at from a different angle. Another dollar bird in resting position is present that shifts color.

  5. A numeral, which is present on a building, disappears and further changes to reverse order while tilting a genuine bank note.

  6. An authentic note has an evident patch on the top corner of one side that appears as a bird-like image on the other side. Both these images possess a rolling-color effect.

  7. Multi-colored background prints and micro printings are present on authorized currencies. Even though these prints are minute, they are sharp and clear. Therefore, check for irregularities and color differences to authenticate.

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