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In an earlier post, we discussed how to apply for admission at New Zealand universities. Once your application process is successful, the next step in your itinerary would be to apply for a New Zealand student visa. Here, we’ll find out the 7 steps to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa for Indian Students.

1. Get Medical And Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Once you have received your university offer letter the next step is to get a Medical Clearance Certificate. 

This can be obtained by undergoing a medical examination by the doctors listed and approved by Immigration New Zealand. 

New Zealand Immigration has provided the approved panel of hospitals and doctors of each country in their official website. Your medical certificates should also include a chest X-ray certificate.

On the other hand, Regional Passport office or the Deputy Commissioner of Police of your area will serve you the police clearance certificate.

2. Arrange The Financial Essentials for New Zealand Student Visa

Non-collateral loans and unsecured loans are a big no for New Zealand. Also, the New Zealand embassy does not accept collateral from non-family members (including loans provided by government banks in India). New Zealand also does not support loans against Fixed deposits as collateral, where the Fixed deposit is less than 6 months old. 

The only finance option for New Zealand is to acquire a loan against collateral securities from family members. Collateral can be anything from a flat, house or any other building that belongs to the family and also Fixed deposits that are more than 6 months old.

The loan you have applied for should cover the living expenses of your stay in New Zealand (minimum NZ$ 15,000 per year as per the FTS Scheme) and the tuition fee of your entire course. 

If the loan sanctioned does not cover the entire expense then you must show the rest of the funds from your own funds in a bank account. Application of loan must be made at least 6-7 weeks. 

Students can make use of Fund Transfer Scheme (FTS) if they are from one of the following countries:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Philippines
  4. Sri Lanka

FTS is a secure way to transfer funds to support themselves in New Zealand. FTS is operated by ANZ bank of New Zealand.

The purpose of FTS is to act as proof that you can support yourself while studying in New Zealand. Also, FTS helps you transfer funds securely to New Zealand and then withdraw a set amount each month for meeting the expenses you would incur there.

Please Note: Usually, loan repayment starts 6 months after the completion of the course.

Who is eligible to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa?

A student who would like to pursue a course for a period of more than 3 months will require a New Zealand student visa. 

It is awarded only to those who have been accepted for study programs approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

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New Zealand Student Visa Eligibility Criteria

3. Documents Required To Apply for A New Zealand Student Visa

  1. 2 photographs. Acceptable photo size and details can be checked on the official website.
  2. A copy of your passport that’s valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave New Zealand.
  3. Certified copy of your birth certificate, national identity card or driver’s licence.
  4. Completed and signed Student Visa Application Form (INZ 1012)
  5. Application fee and other levies payment.
  6. An offer of a place from a New Zealand university. 
  7. If you have a career gap kindly provide valid information regarding what you did in this gap. Suppose you worked after your graduation for 2 years and you then planned to go for post-graduation, you need to produce relevant details of your job you did those 2 years.
  8. Letter from your current institution confirming status as a study abroad student
  9. Health insurance receipt. You must maintain both medical and travel insurance from the time you enrol until your student visa expires in New Zealand.
  10. Your health and character certificates. 
  11. You may also need to provide proof of enough funds required to stay in New Zealand.
  12. A return air ticket to your country, or evidence of sufficient funds to buy one.
  13. Academic transcripts such as degrees, or certificates from schools you attended.
  14. Documents of scores that prove your English proficiency. Test scores of either IELTS, TOEFL or PTE, depending on the requirement of the university and the course you have chosen. Also scores of GMAT and other exams that are required to apply for a New Zealand student visa. 

*All the documents must be in PDF format

The minimum score required in each language examinations are;

English Language Tests Minimum Required Scores New Zealand
Validity Of A New Zealand Student Visa 

One can stay for a maximum of 4 years with a New Zealand student visa. The length of a student’s stay in New Zealand is based on the four options of study. 

  1. Fee-paying Student Visa– you are eligible for a full-time study in New Zealand for up to 4 years and able to work while studying.
  2. Exchange Student Visa this option also lets you stay for a duration of 4 years.
  3. Foreign Government-supported Student Visa– if you possess a foreign government loan or scholarship then you are eligible for a stay up to a duration of your scholarship or 4 years in New Zealand.
  4. Pathway Student Visa you are eligible to study three consecutive courses on a single student visa in New Zealand and can stay up to five years. You may also work while studying.

4. Step By Step Instructions On How To Apply For A Student Visa In New Zealand

You can apply for a student visa in New Zealand in two ways:

  1. Online Application
  2. Offline Application or Paper Application

How To Make An Online Application

  1. To make an online application, you need to first set up a New Zealand Government RealMe account. RealMe account is a secure way to prove who you are. You can use this account to log in to many New Zealand government sites and services. You can read more about RealMe account on New Zealand official website.
  2. Fill in the details carefully in the online application form.
  3. Gather all the documents required to upload for online application. 
  4. Upload photographs in the acceptable format.
  5. Complete and submit your application form.
  6. Submit your passport and handling fee at the visa application centre or Immigration New Zealand office. Your passport must reach the Visa Application Centre or Immigration New Zealand office of your country within 20 days of your online application. 

(Make sure that you have a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card to pay the student visa application fee.)

How To Make A Paper Application

  1. Download the student application form and student visa guide from the New Zealand immigration website.
  2. Carefully fill out the form with the help of student visa guide.
  3. Gather all the documents required. Failure to submit a correct document may result in visa rejection.
  4. Provide photographs in the acceptable format.
  5. Visa application fee must be paid when you submit your application form. 
  6. Submit your application form with all the supporting documents and application fees at the New Zealand Immigration office or visa application centre.
Please Note:
  1. Visa application fee will not be refunded if your student visa is rejected for any reason.
  2. If you have applied for the visa online, you will usually get an e-visa. Take a print out or keep it on your mobile phone so when asked can be shown when you arrive in New Zealand.
  3. You can check your student visa application status here Check your visa application status. 
  4. Most of the visas are processed in a month’s time but it totally depends on the complexity of the application. 
  5. Make sure to apply for a student visa at least 8 weeks prior to the travel date.

5. Fees Payment

If the application is incomplete or any part of the documents is missing, New Zealand  Immigration might reject your visa. 90% of applicants get an Approval in Principle (AIP) when immigration feels you are genuine with all the required credentials. 

Once you get an AIP, you can pay your tuition and fees, get a receipt, send it to New Zealand Immigration, and your visa will be issued. 

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Once you complete the payment, send your fees receipt to the university as evidence.

6. Telephonic Interview By the Visa Officer

This is the final stage before issuing the visa. 

You will get a call from a visa officer with some questions to assess the application. The interview questions will be based on your documents/details provided. 

Depending on your evaluation, the visa will be granted. 

7. Visa Arrival

Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. 

That’s the best way of describing the outcome of this long process. 

Notification of visa arrival will be made through email. You can now start your preparation in full swing and wait for the day you board to your studying abroad dream.

Take this article as a reference to your journey of getting a visa. You need to do your own share of research. 

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