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Live Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in India

Table shows live foreign currency exchange rates (inter-bank) in India today. All major currencies included with rates updated every 5 mins. Please note that buy and sell rates would vary from the inter-bank rates shown here.

Currency Rate
US Dollars 64.62 INR
Euro 72.1 INR
British Pound 81.95 INR
Australian Dollars 48.74 INR
UAE Dirham 17.58 INR
New Zealand Dollar 46.95 INR
Canadian Dollar 48.83 INR
Swiss Franc 66.52 INR
Japanese Yen 0.5805 INR
Saudi Riyal 17.21 INR
Qatari Rial 17.57 INR
Omani Rial 167.71 INR
Bahraini Dinar 171.17 INR
Kuwaiti Dinar 212.53 INR
Singapore Dollar 46.49 INR
Malaysian Ringgit 15.07 INR
Swedish Krona 7.38 INR
Danish Krone 9.69 INR
Thai Baht 1.9 INR
Hong Kong Dollar 8.29 INR
South African Rand 4.98 INR
Chinese Yuan 9.46 INR