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8 Best countries to visit in the middle east

1. Jordan Jordan is one of the friendliest countries in the Middle East and thus is safe for travel too! There are numerous things that attract tourists to Jordan. The main spots are The Petra which is a city built

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10 Places You Must Visit If You Love To Eat

The sizzling sound of fine slices of pork barbequed on the grill, the sight of Honey roasted steak ribs cooked to a deep golden brown colour, paneer tikka on a skewer along with fried onions and capsicum and lastly the

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20 Weird Banknotes With Bizarre Backstories

1. Five Lirot, Einstein’s Banknote (Israel) Did you know? In 1952, Albert Einstein was asked to be the President of Israel? The newly formed Jewish state wished to honour the outstanding physicist for his contributions to science. Though Einstein turned

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10 Essential advice for foreign tourists visiting India

India is land of Diversities. Diverse in culture, language, food, landscape along with variety of climatic conditions. India is bound with beautiful beaches and mighty mountains. There are numerous ancient building and monuments which make India a paradise for history

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5 Lesser known Tourist attractions of Kerala

Amidst the Western Ghats & Arabian Sea lies Kerala, the God’s own country! Kerala is one of the favorite tourist destinations in south Asia. More than 1 million foreign tourists in India visit the land of coconut trees each year.

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