What To Do When Your Forex Card Is Stolen or Lost Abroad?

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Travelling abroad with a Forex Card has many advantages such as convenience and cost-effectiveness. A Forex Card lets you store foreign currency in a card and use it at ATMs and swiping machines abroad. At the same time, the exchange rates you get for foreign currency in forex cards are near live exchange rates and thus cheaper than buying foreign currency as cash from banks. We have in an earlier post covered the Comparison of Prepaid Forex Travel Cards vs Cash, Debit & Credit Card which you can look up.

However, if you lose your forex card abroad then you may lose access to your funds temporarily. That is not a good situation to be in especially when you are abroad.

So what to do when your forex is stolen or lost abroad? Let’s take a look.
Also, get the latest Forex Card login links and Forex Card customer care numbers of leading banks and Forex Card providers.

Things To Do When Your Forex Card Is Stolen or Lost Abroad

1. Contact Forex Card customer care

Contact the Forex Card customer care through phone (or WhatsApp if WhatsApp support is provided). Intimate them about the loss of the card and pursue further steps.

2. Block the Forex Card

Get the Forex Card blocked through customer care so that nobody can misuse your card / withdraw funds from it.

3. Activate the replacement card provided along with your Forex Card welcome kit

Usually, when you buy a Forex Card, there is a replacement card provided along with it in the Forex Card welcome kit. You can use this replacement card when the original forex card is lost. Activate this card and get the balance funds from your lost forex card transferred to the replacement card and start using it.

4. Opt for Emergency Cash assistance feature if available with your forex card provider

Some Forex Card providers have an emergency cash assistance feature. Customers can avail some emergency cash (the amount depends on your card provider) in the event of loss of a forex card abroad. It will be either delivered to your local address abroad or you may have to collect it from a designated pickup point. This amount will be deducted from the balance in your forex card.

5. Login to your Forex Card portal and check the balance amount in the card

Check the balance in your forex card and check whether your funds are intact. In case of any discrepancies immediately alert the forex card provider through customer care.

When you are abroad and lose your forex card, you’d have to get in touch with the forex card customer care. Here, we’ll present to you all the major forex card login links and customer care numbers. We know that when you are abroad it might be difficult for you to call these number and talk to them via phone. This could be because you might not be having a local sim abroad or the pay phone charge is too high (and you don’t have money since you lost your card). So we’ll also discuss the alternate channels of reaching out to customer care such as Email or WhatsApp or Chat which simply requires an internet connection. An internet connection is easy to come by such as hotel wifi, airport wifi or the many public wifi spots in tourists places abroad.

Forex Card Login Links And Customer Care Numbers

Get to know the International Number, Indian Toll-Free numbers and other Customer Care Channels such as Email, Chat, Phone, App, and Web Login Link of various forex card providers.

1. Axis Bank

Axis Bank Forex Card Login – prepaidcards.axisbank.co.in/AxisPortalWeb/

This login works for all Axis Bank Forex cards such as;

⦁ MultiCurrency Forex Card
⦁ World Traveller Forex Card
⦁ Diners Card
⦁ Single Currency Card

Axis Bank Forex Card Customer Care Number

Phone Banking
Axis Toll-Free Number in India: 1-860-419-5555, 1-860-500-5555 (toll-free), +91-40-6717-4100, 04067194000 (non-toll-free)

Phone Banking (customers outside India): 91-22-67987700 (non-toll-free)

Emergency services such as blocking a lost forex card or regeneration of forex card PIN is available 24×7 through PhoneBanking.

Axis Bank International Toll-Free Number

USA1855 205 5577
UK0808 178 5040
Singapore800 1206 355
Canada1855 436 0726
Australia1800 153 861
UAE8000 3570 3218
Saudi Arabia800 850 0000
Qatar00 800 100 348
Bahrain800 11 300

If you are an Axis bank customer and in any one of the following countries listed above, you can make use of the corresponding toll-free numbers.

Apart from the numbers given above, you can also use these;

Check Account BalanceGet Mini Statement

Customer Support – application.axisbank.co.in/webforms/axis-support/

With the Axis Bank customer support link, you can get support for different forex card details like Fees and charges, Reloading forex card, pre-authorization etc.

If you have a complaint, then you may contact the “Grievance Redressal” department to get your problems resolved.

Grievance Redressalwww.axisbank.com/grievance-redressal/

2. HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank Forex Card Login

This login works for all HDFC Bank forex cards such as;

⦁ Multicurrency ForexPlus Card
⦁ ISIC Student ForexPlus Card
⦁ Regalia ForexPlus Card

HDFC Bank Forex Card Customer Care Number

Phone Banking (India): www.hdfcbank.com/personal/ways-to-bank/phone-banking
This link covers many HDFC Phone Banking numbers, one for each major city/town across India.

HDFC Toll-Free Number India: 18002664332

Delhi and NCR01161606161

Phone Banking (customers outside India):
This includes countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, etc.

HDFC International Toll-Free Numbers

Other Countries91-2267606161

Customer Supporthttps://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/need-help/contact-us


HDFC Chatbotwww.hdfcbank.com/htdocs

3. Thomas Cook

Forex Card Login: www.thomascooktravelcards.com/loginuser

This login works for all Thomas Cook forex cards such as;

⦁ Borderless Multi-Currency Prepaid card
⦁ One Currency Card

Thomas Cook Toll-Free Number in India: 1800-2099-100, 1800-270-9920

Thomas Cook International Toll-Free Numbers

Singapore001 800 9920 9920
United Kingdom0800-96-4767
China10-800-110-7309, 10-800-711-7309
Australia0011 800 9920 9920
Japan010 800 9920 9920
New Zealand010 800 9920 9920
The Netherlands0800-022-5821

4. ICICI Bank

Forex Card Login: www.icicibank.com/travel-card-login.Page

This login works for all ICICI Bank forex cards such as;

⦁ ICICI Goibibo Travel Card
⦁ ICICI Sapphiro Travel Card
⦁ ICICI Coral Travel Card
⦁ ICICI Multi-currency Travel Card

ICICI Toll-Free Number in India: +91 22 3366 7777, +91 40 3366 7777

ICICI International Toll-Free Numbers:

USA1866 4242 448
Canada1866 4242 448
Singapore1866 4242 448
Germany00 800 0424 2448
United Kingdom0 8081 314 151
Italy00 800 0424 2448
Spain00 800 0424 2448
France00 800 0424 2448
Australia0011 800 0424 2448
The Neterlands00 800 0424 2448
Dubai8000 9114 001

ICICI Bank Customer Support: https://help.icicibank.com/

5. IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank Forex Card Customer Care Number

Phone Numbers
IndusInd Toll-Free Number in India: 1860 500 5004, 022 44066666 (Available on WhatsApp)

Email: reachus@indusind.com

IndusInd Contact Us Page.

6. SBI

SBI Forex Card Login

SBI Toll-Free Number in India: 1800-425-3800

SBI International Toll-Free Numbers:

USA/Canada1 877 465 0085
Singapore800 441 1379
Germany0800 181 4595
United Kingdom0800 056 0572
Italy800 789 525
Spain900 958 973
France0800 916 940
Australia1800 098 231
The Netherlands0800 023 3935
Japan00531 780 221

Email: cardservices@sbitravelcard.com

For more toll-free numbers of SBI in other countries take a look at their Contact Us Page

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