Blocked Account in Germany for Indian Students – All you need to know


Germany is one of the dream study abroad destinations for Indian students. The main reason for this is because of the cheap cost of studying there! Germany has altogether removed tuition fee for undergraduate students in its universities. The best part is that this courtesy is not only for German students but also extends to International students! 

Another reason why Germany is coveted by Indian students is that German Universities regularly rank in the top 100 in the world. The quality of education is world-class and there are ample job opportunities after studies. 

But to study in Germany you must be accepted for a study program by a University there and must get German Student Visa.

To get a German Student Visa, you must prove to the authorities there that you are financially capable of sponsoring your studies. That is where a Blocked Account comes into the picture.

What is a Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) in Germany?

A Blocked Account is a special type of Bank Account in Germany, specifically for International students who want to study there. A specific sum of money would be deposited per year into the Blocked Account. This money will be used for covering the monthly expenses of the student during their study period in Germany. 

The Blocked Account acts as proof of funds for your studies in Germany when applying for a German Student Visa.

How does a Blocked Account work?

  1. Each academic year (Starting Sept 1), a set amount must be deposited into the Blocked Account by the student.

    In 2020, for students going to Germany for their studies, the minimum amount to be deposited into the Blocked Account has been set as 10,236 Euros.

    This amount is decided by the German government in consultation with the universities. This is supposed to help the students for their day to day expenses while in Germany.
  2. Every month money would be released to the student in Germany from the Blocked AccountDepending on how much money the student has deposited into their Blocked Account (minimum 10,236 Euros), every month an amount (853 Euros if only the minimum amount was deposited) will be sent to the student to cover their living expenses and covering their education costs. 

This will be the maximum amount of money released from the Blocked Account per month. It is for the good of the student and can help them manage their expenditure abroad.

Sending money to a Blocked Account in Germany from India

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Send money to Blocked Account in Germany the easy way

How can we withdraw the funds parked in a Blocked Account?

For a student going to Germany for their studies, it is not enough to just have a Blocked Account. They must open an international student bank account in Germany to utilise the funds in their Blocked Account.

This is because the Blocked Account is not directly accessible by the student. When the funds are released from the Blocked Account each month, it goes to the student bank account from where the student can withdraw it. An international student bank account will have an ATM card which can be used to withdraw the fund from any ATM nearby or can be used for purchases at stores. 

How to open a Blocked Account in Germany?

The process of opening a Blocked Account in Germany is simple; 

  1. Choose the bank where you would like to open a Blocked Account (Kotak Mahindra, Fintiba, Deutsche Bank)
  2. Apply for a Blocked Account with them (Look up the bank links above, Kotak Mahindra offline process at any of their branch)
  3. Once an account is approved, deposit funds into the account
  4. Receive confirmation and use this during German Student Visa processing
  5. After reaching Germany, Open a student bank account and link to your Blocked account to utilise the funds in them
Please Note: You must open a Blocked Account in Germany from India, even before you apply for your German Student Visa.

Can we open a Blocked Account in Germany from India itself?

Yes, in fact, this is how it is usually done. The Blocked Account in Germany is opened from India itself.

Proof of being financially able to support your studies in Germany is an important criterion to be met while applying for German Student Visa. This can be shown by opening a Blocked Account.

So this step has to be done in India before being able to go to Germany.

What are the documents required for opening a Blocked Account?

The documents required for opening a Blocked Account depends from bank to bank. In general, the documents required would be;

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Admission letter from a German university
  3. Bank account statement

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In what stage of our study in Germany process should we open a Blocked Account?

    Once you receive your admission letter from a university in Germany, immediately apply to open a Blocked Account.

    A Blocked Account is one of the most important steps to complete before applying for a German Student Visa.

  2. From the time of application for Blocked Account, how long does it take to open one?

    It depends upon the bank where you are opening an account and also when you are opening an account. Usually, it takes about a week. However, during the admission season when International students are coming to study in Germany, it may take as long as 1 month to get the application processed.

  3. Can I deposit more funds than the minimum indicated amount (€10,236) in my blocked account?

    Yes, a student can deposit more than the minimum required funds into their Blocked Account. The more funds you deposit, the more money the student has available each month (Total amount in Blocked Account/12 months) to manage their expenses in Germany.

  4. What happens to the funds in my Blocked Account if my German student visa application is rejected?

    While visa rejection is rare, sometimes it could happen for a variety of reasons. In such instances, the funds in the Blocked Account would be refunded to the student.

    For this, the student would have to contact the Bank where they applied for the Blocked Account and personally raise a refund request. Certain documents like Visa Rejection may be required by the bank for processing the request.

  5. Can a third-party in India transfer or deposit funds into my Blocked Account on my behalf?

    Yes, third party transfers to Blocked Account are possible from India. However, for a 3rd party to deposit funds into the Blocked Account, prior authorization from the student must be submitted to the Bank.

  6. How can I send money from India to Germany?

    Through ExTravelMoney, easily send money from India to Germany. Just visit our website;

    1. Enter the amount to be sent
    2. Compare money transfer companies & choose the best near your location
    3. Provide beneficiary details & Verify KYC Documents
    4. Transfer the money to our Partnered Money Transfer Company
    5. Funds will be transferred to the beneficiary account in Germany

  7. Can I send money to a Blocked Account in Germany from India?

    Yes, it is possible. Through, send money to a Blocked Account in Germany.

    In some cases, when you receive an opening letter for a blocked account there will be a clause given. If it is mentioned that the first transfer should be done directly from the student’s account, then the transfer should happen from the student’s bank itself.

  8. Is it possible to transfer money from India to Germany via PayPal?

    Paypal does not support personal payments from India to Germany or for that matter anywhere abroad. So for transferring money from India to Germany (legally), you must either go through your bank or an RBI licenced money changer. The method of money transfer used would be “Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer”.

  9. What is the maximum amount of money we can remit from India to Germany?

    The maximum amount of money an Indian Resident can transfer from India to Germany in a single financial year is US $2,50,000. This limit is defined by RBI under the LRS Scheme. Also, the reason for remitting money must be as per RBI’s acceptable remittance reasons such as study abroad, medical treatment abroad, maintenance of close relative abroad etc.

  10. Can I send money to my friend in Germany from India?

    Yes, you can remit money to your friend in Germany. The money will be sent under the category of “Gift Remittance” as per the LRS scheme of RBI. The maximum amount that can be remitted under “Gift Remittance” is US $2,50,000.

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