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ExTravelMoney India's biggest forex marketplace!

How it Works

Sell Foreign Currency Notes

Back from a foreign trip and have foreign currency notes in hand?

Or you are an NRI/Foreigner in India and need Indian Rupee in exchange for your currency.

ExTravelMoney is the easiest way for you to compare exchange rates across currency exchange centres in India and sell foreign currency notes at the best rate.


Select the foreign currency

Choose a foreign currency. Enter the amount of currency notes to be sold. Enter your location to see the forex stores nearby


Compare rates & choose forex store

Compare exchange rate, service fee, availability of door pickup of forex, customer ratings and choose the best forex store


Place the order & Upload KYCs

Place your order & choose how you’d like to get paid, directly to your bank account or as cash in hand. Upload your KYCs through our portal


Get Indian Rupee in hand!

Exchange foreign currency notes by visiting the store. You can also get it picked up by the store. Get paid for it via the chosen payment mode

Multiple Ways To Get Paid!

Choose from Multiple Payment Methods to get paid in exchange for the foreign currency in your hand!

Direct Payment To Your Bank Account Cheque Cash
(For transactions below Rs 50,000)

Why Choose Us?


  • Order forex in 4 easy and fast steps
  • Get foreign currency within the same day of placing the order.
  • Instant payment options through online payment gateway


  • Compare exchange rates, service fees and choose the cheapest option
  • We have a special tie-up with forex stores to provide wholesale exchange rates better than bank exchange rates


  • Lock the exchange rate for up to 2 working days
  • Door Delivery of Currencies and Travel Card.
  • Upload KYC documents online and save time